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History of Halloween
Halloween falls on October 31st each year in North America and other parts of the world. What do you know about Halloween? Do you celebrate it in your country? Here is a little history about it.

Halloween:Cloze ActivityFill in the blanks below using words from the word bank


Halloween Vocabulary from the English Page


N. a holiday celebrated on October 31 in which people dress in scary costumes

to carve

V. to cut with a large knife


N. a large, orange vegetable associated with Halloween


N. Americans traditionally cut out scary faces in pumpkins and put a candle inside. These pumpkins with faces are called "Jack-o-lanterns." Jack-o-lanterns are made to scare away evil spirits on Halloween.


N. scary clothing or disguises worn on Halloween

"trick or treat"

On Halloween, children go from house to house and say "trick or treat." This phrase means give me candy or I will play a trick on you. Families usually give the children candy. If the children don't get candy, they sometimes play mean tricks like breaking the house's Jack-o-lantern or putting soap on its windows.

a costume party

N. a party where everyone dresses in scary costumes

bobbing for apples

This is a traditional Halloween game. You put apples in a barrel of water and people try to take the floating apples out of the water using only their mouths.

a skeleton

N. a body of nothing but bones

a ghost

N. the spirit of a dead person which appears again

a ghoul

N. an evil spirit which takes bodies from graves and eats them

a goblin

N. an unkind spirit which plays tricks on people

a witch

N. a woman with magic powers (usually evil)

a warlock

N. a man with magic powers (usually evil)
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Halloween Adjectives


to make an evil, witch-like laughing sound


very bad in thought and behavior


terribly shocking and sickening (often describes an act or event)


containing evil spirits or ghosts (usually describes a building or location)


describes something which is so sickening and ugly that you can't look at it


very shocked and scared


making a long, loud cry like a wolf or a dog


controlled by an evil spirit or ghost (usually describes a person)


sounding like a high-pitched, terrified screaming


very bad or evil (often associated with witches)

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